At our law firm, we do not believe in passing our clients down to inexperienced secretaries or paralegals. When you choose us to represent you, we will handle your case every step of the way. Whether you are a seller, a buyer or an owner of property, we are here for you.

When issues arise between homeowners and lenders or landlords and tenants, I am ready to help resolve matters fairly. We handle evacuation cases concerning rent payment and other tenancy issues, and we can also help stop foreclosure on your home to preserve your credit standing

We are aggressive, willing to do what is necessary to protect your rights. Our lawyers can switch gears from skillful settlement negotiations to aggressive contract resolution work at a moment’s notice, depending on the needs of your case. We do everything we can to meet your needs. At the outset of our relationship, we will take the time to get to know your goals to ensure that every step we take is a step in the right direction.

Licensed for 14 years

Experienced and Hardworking

Service Oriented

Working to keep your mind at ease


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